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Conference Venue:
University Club, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 

Conference Hotel:
Wyndham University Center, Pittsburgh PA.

The host hotel for PancreasFest 2016 is the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center, located at 100 Lytton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. This hotel is approximately two blocks from The University Club, which is the primary meeting location. The discounted room rate is $140/night, plus taxes and fees.

To reserve your room online, visit hotels/47154, click on “Reservations” and then “Special Rates & Codes.”

The PancreasFest 2014 group code is 07266841PF.

By telephone, call 412-682-6200 or 800-UNIVCTR and reference the group code.

Room availability and pricing will not be guaranteed after July 6, 2016.

Important Dates:

Early Registration Fees
through July 1, 2016

  • CAPER Members Fees
  • Poster-Abstracts Instructions
    • Abstract Submission Deadline for travel scholarships - TBD.

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    Thursday Night PancreasFest Favorite: Hofbrau Haus
    July 27-29, 2016 Pittsburgh, PA

    "A joint meeting of physicians and scientist committed to learning and collaborating on translational studies of pancreatic diseases."

    NIDDK Workshop - July 27

    (Click here to register)

    PancreasFest 2016

    "Risk Factors which Alter the Injury Response and New Targets for Therapy"

    - Program (PDF)

    - Registration (via CCEHS)

    - Abstract (Instructions)

    - Scholarships (via CAPER)

    - - PARTCIPATE - -

    GENETICS - 9th International Symposium on Inherited Diseases of the Pancreas
    20th Anniversary of the Discovery that PRSS1 Genetic Mutations cause Hereditary Pancreatitis
    Multinational Pancreatitis GWAS Meta- Mega-analysis Planning Meeting. (July 26, 2-5 PM) Contact Dr Whitcomb for information and location

    PAIN - Updates and "Framwork Consensus"

    PF Guidance - Pain in chronic pancreatitis

    Contact Dr Whitcomb, Asbjørn Mohr Drewes MP PhD(Workshop), Ajay Wasan MD PhD (framework) or Kathryn Albers PhD(Basic Science Symposium), to participate

    Acute Pancreatitis - APPRENTICE (& APQI)

    Contact Georgios Papachristou MD, PhD (APPRENTICE and CAPER), or Stephen Pandol MD (Acute Pancreatitis Quality Measures) to participate

    Pancreatic Cancer - Detection / Prevention

    Contact Randall Brand MD to participate

    Diabetes- X-N-X / T3cDM / Cancer Risk

    PF Guidance - DM in chronic pancreatitis
    PF Guidance - TPIAT for pancreatic pain

    Contact Suresh Chari MD to participate

    X-N-X eXocrine - eNdocrine - interactions (X) Orgnaizational meeting. (Thursday, July 28, 6-8 PM at the Wyndham) Contact Dr Chari for information

    QUALITY - Academic Pancreas Centers of Exellence

    Contact Dr Whitcomb or Dr Conwell (for the APCOE) or to either Stephen Pandol MD or Wahid Wassef MD (Acute Pancreatitis Quality Measures - APQI) to participate

    Adult Studies - CAPER & working groups

    Contact Georgios Papachristou MD, PhD or Wahid Wassef MD for information ABSTRACTS and SCHOLARSHIPS

    Pediatric Studies - INSPPIRE & working groups

    Contact Alyie Uc MD or Mark E. Lowe, MD, PhD to participate

    Reviews of PancreasFest "This year's PancreasFest was the best ever!", "The meeting was fantastic", "This is exactly what the pancreas field needs to push forward"

    Annual Meetings:

  • North Amersican Pancreatic Study Group (NAPSG)
  • Collaboative Alliance for Pancreatic Education and Research (CAPER)
  • ExEnX (Exocrine-Endocrine cross-interaction)

  • 2016 Topics:

    Schedule for PF16.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016
    • NIDDK Workshop: Chronic Pancreatitis in the 21st Century: Research Challenges and Opportunities

    Wednesday evening, July 27, 2016
    • Pancreatic Disorders & Precision Medicine
    • Reception and Light Dinner

    Thursday, July 28, 2016
    • 9th International Symposium on Inherited Diseases of the Pancreas
    • Pancreatic Pain
    • Pancreatic Cancer
    • Pediatric Pancreas Diseases
    • Pancreas Working Group Meetings and Poster Session

    Friday, July 29, 2016
    • Clinical Pancreatology and Endoscopy
    • Basic Science Approaches to Mechanisms of Pain
    • CAPER Annual Meeting and Awards

    Award Lectures for PF16.

    • Henry Lynch Award
    • Ruth C. Brufsky Award Lecture
    • CAPER Lifetime Research and Mentoring Award

    Focus Topic for PF16 - Genetics, Acute Pancreatitis, others.

    • Acute and Recurrent Pancreatitis
    • Ad Hoc Working Troup on New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Approaches
    • Pancreatitis Pain (Session and Working Group)
    • Exocrine-Endocrine Cross-Interactions (ExEnX)
    • Pancreatitis in Children (INSPPIRE)
    • Professors Perspectives - Special Lectures
    • Young Investigators Research (CAPER)
    • Working Group on Pancreas Centers of Excellence - Report and consensus confrence.

    2016 Awards:

    • Henry Lynch Award - David C. Whitcomb MD MhD, University of Pittsburgh

    • Ruth C. Brufsky Award for Excellence in Research in Pancreatic Cancer - Teresa A. Brentnall, University of Washington

    • CAPER Lifetime Research and Mentoring Award - Suresh Chari MD, Mayo Clinic

    To the PancreasFest organizing commitee... "I just wanted to send you my profound thanks for what I think is the world's premier pancreatic research meeting. I got more out of these past few days in terms of advancing my research than I have at 10 consecutive DDWs. I feel rejuvenated and inspired." - a young physician-scientist faculty who attended PancreasFest.


    PancreasFest - Purpose
    What is PancreasFest (PF)?
    PancreasFest is an annual meeting of pancreas physicians and translational researchers who convene during the last week of July to find new ways of working together to improve patient care.

    PancreasFest is an umbrella meeting that supports multiple smaller meetings with very focused goals. These include education programs, discussion sessions for new ideas, learning from other disciplines, investigator meetings, and efforts to help young investigators get started exporing their own ideas. PancreasFest is a meeting with a pragmatic purpose - multicenter research.

    Pancreas Working Groups - Multicenter Studies (click here)
    Name Puropse Meeting Contact
    CAPER Help young clinical investigators - CAPER
    Georgios Papachristou MD PhD
    INSPIRRE Pediatriac acute pancreatitis group
    Alyie Uc MD
    Acute Pancreatitis APPRENTICE
    Georgios Papachristou MD
    NAPS2 Prospective cross-secional RAP/CP Cohort
    Dhiraj Yadav MD MPH
    TPIAT Total Pancreatectomy - Islet Autotransplantation
    Melena Bellin MD
    Diabetes X-N-X (Type3c DM / Cancer risk)
    Suresh Chari MD
    CP-Nutrition Define nutrition measures and goals in patients with pancreatitis
    David C Whitcomb MD PhD
    Surgery Mimimally Invasive Pancratic Surgery
    Herb Zeh MD

    Visit - - CAPER