PancreasFest is all about friendships and relationships.

FRIDAY NIGHT GALA – The Friday Night Event will be an informal buffet dinner at Professor Whitcomb’s Home!!!!    The Dinner is for PancreasFest registrants, and will require pre-registration with Joy Merusi by Wed. July 19, 2017 for a limited number of attendees.  Contact Joy now –

Academic medicine and translational research are enterprises like “rugby” (see Whitcomb – 2015 Palade Medal Lecture).  “It costs you your time and money (compared to other jobs), and has many setbacks, disappointments and losses. But we do it because we are academic physicians and scientists, because we are part of a team, and because we are dedicated to winning. I also believe that it is important to come together to celebrate great ideas, new innovations and the fun of being a member of hard working teams – where winning matters!”

The primary social event at PancreasFest is Thursday Night “on your own.”  This allows like-minded physicians , scientists, support groups, industry and trainees to get together for an evening of good food and friendship.

Some attendees also take an extra day or two to visit the area.   Here are some recommendations:

Pittsburgh – a TOP Destination for world-wide travel in 2017 – rated by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.   Top Food city of 2015 by Zagat.   Contact the organizers for visits to faculty holds, or check out some of our favorites:

 Favorite Places to Visit and Things to Do:


Pittsburgh Magazine Best Restaurants Rankings  (link)

Resturant – May needing advanced reservations

Resturant – Walk in, but great food. (<10 min Uber ride) (all recommended by PF organizers!)

Resturant – Within walking distance to PancreasFest