Working Groups

Multiple effective working groups have been started and facilitated by motivated investigators meeting at PancreasFest.   New investigator initiated studies, industry studies and government-sponsored studies are also being planned (including private meetings, satellite meetings and TBD meetings).  Attendees are also encouraged to explore industry-sponsored studies.

The following Consortiums, Studies and Working Groups are currently scheduled to meet during PancreasFest:

APPRENTICE – acute pancreatitis – contact Georgios Papachristou MD PhD

CAPER – young investigators – support for teaching and multi center studies

CPDPD – Consortium for Chronic Pancreatitis, Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer – updates to be presented.

INSPPIRE – NIH funded – pediatric pancreatitis – Aliye Uc MD

POST – NIH funded – TPIAT study – Melena Bellin MD

PRIMO– IPMN multi center study (more sites to be added) – Michael Wallace MD 

WONTON SOUPWalled Off Necrosis Therapies: Operations / NOTES for Symptomatic Organized Undigested Pancreas.  cosponsored by CAPER.  Contact Adam Slivka MD PhD

2021 – Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

By invitation.