Meetings @ PF

Pancreatitis Genetics Congress

A major focus of P19 was in defining how genetic variants that contribute to pancreatic diseases or their complications should be collected, recorded, annotated, reported and shared with the the community (publications), collaborators (data sharing agreements), and patients (counseling).  The congress was open to PF19 attendees, but the work and voting is being done by Congress Delegates who are experts in the relevant fields.

For more information ling to the Pancreas Genetics Congress Page

  • GI Academy –  (Wednesday) A one-day PRIMER on the major pancreatic diseases for health care professionals, industry and trainees.  Sponsored by CAPER
  • INSPPIRE – Annual meeting – see link to website
  • CAPER – Annual meeting and highlight of rising stars.

PF20 Pediatric Symposia:

Pancreatic Diseases in Childhood – Sponsored by the  International Study Group of Pediatric Pancreatitis In Search of a Cure (INSPPIRE)

Session Pediatric-A:  

Session Pediatric-B

Session Pediatric-C: 

Session Pediatric-D: INSPPIRE Business Meeting  

CAPER – (Thursday)

  • Junior Investigators,
  • Life-Time Achievement Award,
  • Annual Meeting – see link to caper web site.