Breakout Meetings @ PF

Thursday, July 21, 2020

3:45     Breakout Sessions.  

PancreasFest 2022 is supporting 8 to 12 breakout sessions on a First Come / First Served basis. 

The categories are divided between Academic Working Groups, Industry-sponsored research and Advocacy Groups. Per the breakout leaders the sessions are either Open (anyone can sign up and come) or Closed (by invitation only / confidential). 

The sessions can either be at the conference site, or off campus.  Details, requirements and costs will be available through Joy Merusi and posted at  (below)

People who are registered for PancreasFest will be given an opportunity to choose ONE session to attend.  The sponsor will be notified and their name added to the breakout group.  This is critical as there must be at least 10 people for a group to have a breakout room, and some sessions may have a cap on attendees.  

Group 1.  SVI biorepository committee (Joe Elmunzer MD, Chair)

The SVI trial is an ongoing NIH-funded randomized trial comparing competing strategies for preventing post-ERCP pancreatitis, with a major focus on collecting biological specimens from study participants to fuel important basic and translational research related to pancreatic inflammation. The objective of this meeting will be to define research priorities and goals aiming to optimize the yield of the SVI biorepository

Group 2. 

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6



Ad hoc meetings during lunch or coffee breaks are encouraged to proceed during of the 2022 PancreasFest meeting.  Contact Joy Merusi for posting of meeting invitations and venues.