Thursday Evening CELEBRATION at the

Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History

6:00-8:00p              With – TICKET – Free access to Both Museums.

“Looking forward to meeting YOU at dinner time!”

7:30-9:30p              Appetizer Reception

8:10p              Short Program:

“What We Learned Over the Past 10 to 20 Years”                                

INSPPIRE – 10th Anniversary Presentation

Mark E. Lowe, MD, PhD and Aliye Uc, MD

NAPS2 – 20th Anniversary Presentation

David C. Whitcomb, MD, PhD and Dhiraj Yadav, MD, MPH

***** If you participated in NAPS2 or INSPPIRE as a co-investigator and would like to be recognized for your contributions (ie slide show at the event) – please email Dr Whitcomb (Subject line: NAPS2/INSPPIRE Celebration – your name), including your full name as you would like it displayed (also, see pre-registration form), a picture of yourself and/or your team, and a comment, such as a congratulations, or your perspective on the contribution of these efforts.  *****

PancreasFest is MORE that outstanding talks!

PancreasFest 2018

It is all about friendships, relationships & effective collaborations.

Thursday Night Celebrations:  INSPPIRE is 10 – NAPS2 is 20. – The Thursday Night Event will be an exciting celebration of 10 and 20 years of incredible success.  More to follow.  Contact Joy now –

Philosophy of PF.  Academic medicine and translational research are enterprises like “rugby” (see Whitcomb – 2015 Palade Medal Lecture).  “It costs you your time and money (compared to other jobs), and has many setbacks, disappointments and losses. But we do it because we are academic physicians and scientists, because we are part of a team, and because we are dedicated to winning. I also believe that it is important to come together to celebrate great ideas, new innovations and the fun of being a member of hard working teams – where winning matters!”

The primary social event at PancreasFest is Thursday Night.   This allows like-minded physicians, scientists, support groups, industry and trainees to get together for an evening of good food and friendship.

Evening view of downtown Pittsburgh and the Gateway Clipper paddle boat that took delegates for a ride and dinner!

2018. Thursday night 2018 featured a paddle boat ride on the Gateway Clipper – followed by a baseball game at PNC Park.  Trainees, junior faculty, private practitioners, patient advocates, government officials and industry representatives made new friends and discussed ways to provide better care for patients.

2018. The Welcome reception allows old friends to meet, and to introduce new trainees and co-workers.

Bechien U. Wu MD MPH greets three of the Mission:Cure interns who came to PancreasFest 2018 to learn about the challenges and opportunities in research and care.

More Friend and Family Time.  Some attendees also take an extra day or two to visit the area.   Here are some recommendations:

Pittsburgh – a TOP Destination for world-wide travel in 2017 – rated by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.   Top Food city of 2015 by Zagat.   Contact the organizers for visits to faculty holds, or check out some of our favorites:

 Favorite Places to Visit and Things to Do:


Pittsburgh Magazine Best Restaurants Rankings  (link)

Resturant – May needing advanced reservations

Resturant – Walk in, but great food. (<10 min Uber ride) (all recommended by PF organizers!)

Resturant – Near the University of Pittsburgh Campus.