Welcome To PancreasFest 2021

UPDATE (Nov 6, 2022): 

Program – (TBA)

PancreasFest 2022 is In Person



For other questions or information – (click to contact Joy Merusi)

Topics: Pancreas 360

Course Directors

  • Maisam Abu-El-Haija MD MS
  • Randall Brand MD
  • Darwin Conwell MD MS
  • Steve Hughes MD
  • David C Whitcomb MD PhD


NIDDK Workshop:  TBD

Save the Date: July 20, 2021  

An exciting new NIDDK Workshop is being developed for July 20, 2021, Pittsburgh, PA. 


CAPER – Annual Meeting and Award Lecture 

More information:  Caper Web Site.


The following Multi-center Consortium and Working Groups typically meet during the regular meeting. To get involved contact:

Working Groups:  One of the most important functions of PancreasFest is the opportunity for motivated physicians and scientists to have face-to-face meetings to develop and advance working groups.   Annual meetings and updates of the following groups important, but are being held independent of PancreasFest this year (come back in 2022).

PancreasFest: A joint meeting of physicians and scientists committed to learning and collaborating on translational studies of pancreatic diseases.”