Welcome To PancreasFest

“A joint meeting of physicians and scientists committed to learning and collaborating on translational studies of pancreatic diseases.”

July 24-26 2019

Update:  The Program for PF19 has been posted (click here).

NIDDK Workshop:   Precision Medicine in Pancreatic Disease: Knowledge Gaps and Research Opportunities, scheduled for July 24, 2019, located at the Twentieth Century Club in Pittsburgh, PA. 

PancreasFest 2019 (PF19) features multiple programs aimed at promoting pancreatic diseases collaborative research and delivery of better healthcare.   The venue for 2019 is on or near the University of Pittsburgh Campus – William Pitt Student Union.  Key events include:

  • NIDDK Workshop: Precision Medicine in Pancreatic Disease: Knowledge Gaps and Research Opportunities
  • CAPER Pancreas Academy – Link to CAPER
  • PancreasFest international collaborative programs (below)
  • INSPPIRE Annual Meeting
  • CAPER Annual Meeting (click hear for posters / scholarships)
  • NAPS2 20 year / INSPPIRE 10 year CELEBRATION at the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History (Tickets required)
  • International Pancreatitis Genetics Congress: Harmonization and Standards (Open session, voting by delegates only)

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William Pitt Student Union Building – Main PancreasFest Venue

The following Multi-center Consortium and Working Groups will be meeting:

Working Groups:  One of the most important functions of PancreasFest is the opportunity for motivated physicians and scientists to have face-to-face meetings to develop and advance working groups.   Annual meetings and updates of the following groups are planned:  See Working Groups tab for more information.

Social:  Thursday Night “Special Celebration”. NAPS2 is 20 / INSPPIRE is 10. Pre-registration is required (see Social – contact Joy Merusi)

NIDDK Workshop. July 24. Conference web site (Click here)

Pancreatic Academy –

Registration is OPEN: (link to CAPER Pancreas Academy site) NOTE: separate registration is needed for PancreasFest and the NIDDK Workshop.

CAPER Travel Scholarships   (see CAPER Scholarship site) Deadline, April 29, 2019

Travel Scholarships to PancreasFest for Trainees, Young Investigators and others.

Poster are being accepted.  These are for discussion, so previously presented posters are welcome.   The poster session is the best place to have your talents and hard work highlighted for the experts!

More information:  Caper Web Site.